I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019 and had an amazing time out there.

While on the trail I decided to pursue a career as a software engineer working on maps. Since I don't have a background in software engineering, I decided to devote a few months after the trail to self-study and to attempt to create a website and mobile app for the trail.

Nearly all the data for this project is created in an automated fashion, to leave open the possibility to expand this website to more National Scenic Trails in the future. If you're interested in helping to update this for another trail, create an issue on Github or shoot me an email.

If you're interested in seeing how this website works, the entire codebase for the project is open source, split into a few separate repositories on Github:


This website


Generate map overlays from open data sources


The topographic map style used in this website


Generate map data from OpenStreetMap


Generate contours and hillshading tiles from USGS data


Generate raster map tiles from USFS Topo quadrangles


Generate aerial imagery map tiles from USGS NAIP data

Image of me!

Kyle "Stats" Barron